Commercial Litigation

Stokley PLLC specializes in commercial litigation — big and small.

We view commercial litigation in four general phases:  (1) pre-suit case analysis and strategy; (2) discovery; (3) motion-practice; and (4) trial.  We pride ourselves in effectively pursuing our clients goals at each phase of litigation.  In the pre-suit phase, we work hard to fully evaluate the various positions the opposition will take, exhaust efforts to reach a suitable pre-suit remedy that fits the clients objectives, and draft an effective complaint, petition, or application for injunctive relief where appropriate.  During discovery, we do not put up with shenanigans, and know exactly what to do when we encounter opposing counsel engaging in them.  We also pride ourselves in effectively describing the dispute to the judge during motion practice.  We take a practical, common-sense, approach to telling our story during the motion for summary judgment phase.  This candid no-nonsense approach has proved to be very effective for our clients.

When it comes to telling the story in a simple and effective way, we know what to do.  We have tried cases involving international shipments, defamation and free speech, commercial business relationships, executive employment agreements, probate matters, disputes in the oilfield, restrictive covenants, trade secrets, commercial agreements, and various business-relationships-gone-wrong situations.  As plaintiffs, we have recovered exemplary punitive damages from bad actors, and successfully defended our clients positions.

Importantly, we pride ourselves in being flexible enough to efficiently handle small disputes for the entrepreneur with a tight budget to outworking any big law firm in the country on complex commercial cases.  We have tried and won multi-million dollar cases in state, federal court, and arbitrations, as well as cases before Texas justice of the peace with as little as one-thousand dollars in dispute.