Master Service Agreements

Over the last several years, the lawyers at Stokley PLLC have developed a niche for negotiating master service agreements for various oil an gas operators and field services companies.  Craig Stokley’s background as a Chemical Engineer in the power and energy industry uniquely positions him to understand operational issues that require legal advice on a day-to-day basis for his clients.  On behalf of operators, we have negotiated master service agreements with over 300 different oil field service providers.  We have developed a library of master service agreements with some of the biggest oil field services companies in the business.  This allows us to quickly get master service agreements in place for our operations clients so they can focus on their main business objectives without getting bogged down in redlines, and other legal issues.  Our goal is to allow our operations clients to let us worry about the legal aspects of operations so they can effectively explore and produce oil and gas from their assets.